When you stay at Hotelitist Hotels & Resorts, no two experiences are quite the same. From flooring designs recalling frets on a guitar in the lobby of the Hotelitist, the Hotelitist design team truly brings the local culture to life with magic in the design details of each hotel.
We work to infuse the flavor of the city throughout all aspects of the project,” says Laura McKoy, creative director and vice president of interior design for Hotelitist Hotels & Resorts. “We like to deconstruct the stories and ideas of a city and put them back together in a more creative way, but without being too obvious.” See below for just a few examples of the details that go into the design of some of our hotel properties.

The Hotelitist design team fully immersed themselves when drawing inspiration for the Hotelitist Hotel. “We were inspired by the city and we want the hotel to inspire the guests. I hope the locals feel very proud in that we’ve captured the essence of Louisville when they enter the space,” says McKoy. The lobby design draws influence from adventures in Louisville which guests can see come together through the use of deconstructed bourbon barrels, bridge trusses, copper, neon and steel, creating a dynamic space.