India, a land of diversity has a lot to offer other than its famously known places. It’s also the second largest tea producer in the world. The love for tea of Indians is well known in the world. Tea is said to be an essential thing when one talks about Indians. A morning without tea is like tea without sugar for Indians. Have one ever wondered how tea grows on plants and reaches out to millions of kitchens every day? One can experience the entire process from the cultivation of tea on lands to serving in the ceramic teacup.

To have a flavour of the same, a Tea tour is not a bad idea. Tea tour consists of most underrated visit worthy destinations. There are multiple locations where the tea is grown to satisfy the thirst of India. These destinations include Darjeeling, Assam, Munnar, Kolukkumalai, Nilgiri, Wayanad and Palampur. Most of such lands are located in the southern provinces of India. To optimise, one can plan the southern estate tea tour. Munnar and Wayanad in Kerala, Kolukkumalai and Nilgiri mountains in Tamil Nadu are neighbourhood destinations which are covered in it.  Other than the tea gardens these southern states have a lot to offer. Their culture, tradition, colourful temples, primitive cities, historic landmarks, elephant safari and local food, is something one can’t find anywhere in India.

All one needs is to take the services of professional tour planners who have been managing tours of tea travel places. Hotelitist is one of the prominent travel planners. It has operated multiple tea tours with fantabulous remarks. Hotelitist not only just council for the locations but also provide tea experts to tell about such visit-worthy places. It also includes the tea auction process in the local market and guided visit of tea factories. Finding good hotels on these remote locations becomes a challenge for an individual. Hotelitist can help individual book hotels at southern tea gardening destinations and can manage the entire tour. Engaging with Hotelitist for tea tour can help one have a 360-degree view of the whole tea gardening process along with the beauty of southern states of India.

Sometimes a breath of fresh air becomes a lifelong experience. Unquestionably the tea tour destinations are underrated but once an individual visits he/she admires the natural environment of these places. Tea tour destinations are full of verdant and allow one to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. One can find the expansion of tea plants in the miles, wherever the eyeballs of an individual can map.  The entire tea tour is full of exciting and interesting experiences. The pleasant sites and calm environment of tea tour destinations can undoubtedly rejoice an individual. Reading this inevitably create a craving for travel enthusiast souls to rush for having such an unprecedented experience.