It’s time to lay aside bathing suits and give a furry and warm winter clothes some air as winter is knocking on our doorsteps. December probably brings an ocean of holidays for various occasions. While for some this month brings in a lot of hot cocoa and sleep, for some its time to take a break. Some would like to take a solo trip to the mountains and some just want to bond and spend time with family. The winters bring in the excitement to put in those blazers, scarfs, fur caps and also the laziness to stay indoors. Many turn to exercising and some rely on baking. Many would prefer wool or fur and some just the opposite, but nobody can resist a holiday with family and friends. Nobody wants to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays sitting at home in front of the fireplace watching shows on Netflix. Don’t let the idiot box and a not so fascinating companion (blanket) ruin an opportunity of exploring the unexplored in the winters. So thereby, we brought a list of suitable and probably the best places to visit in the winter holidays in India: –

Alappuzha, Kerala. The “God’s own country” bestows its tourists with waving palms and wide sandy beaches. If one isn’t a fan of the chilly and misty weather, then one should definitely pay a visit to Kerala. Alappuzha also known, as Venice of East is the place one should drop in on first if one is looking for peace but still want to witness the effervescence of the nature.

The impeccable backwaters and the tranquility Kerala is famous for, comes alive in this place. Just take a picture while drinking Thenga Vellam (coconut water in Malayalam) with tapioca chips on the side, sailing through the quiet waters in one’s houseboat talking about how one wants to stay here forever with friends and family. How majestic! Also, December is the time when the city celebrates a festival called as “Mullackal Chirap” for ten days, so there go! Another excuse to visit Kerala. Let the holidaying commence!

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. There is an aura of uniqueness about this place, which drives a flock of tourists from across the globe. The soothing view of the setting sun behind the majestic forts and camels walking on the hot golden sand is so pleasant. Isn’t it? December is in fact the best month to visit Jaisalmer as the sun shows a little mercy to the Golden City. This is very beneficial for the tourists out there, as sightseeing becomes a bit hassle free. A bit of sunscreen, a lot of storage in one’s camera and phones, too many water bottles and an ample amount of enthusiasm and patience is all one needs for a trip to Jaisalmer. Don’t forget to take the night safari, as what more does one need than a peaceful camel ride in the sand dunes across the beautiful Thar Desert.


Lakshadweep Islands. About 400 kms off the Indian west coast, this remote but a well-known peninsula among tourists is a perfect place for holidaying in the winters. Apart from its blue lagoons, coral reefs and immaculate beaches, Lakshadweep has a lot to offer in only a day or two. Scuba diving, Yachting, Speed boating, Kayaking, Pedal boating, Canoeing, Snorkeling, Swimming and sunbathing are just few of the things one can do out there to feed like 19 year old fetishes. Minicoy Islands, Agatti Islands, Bangaram Islands, Kavaratti Islands, Kalpeni Island, Kadmat Island, Amindivi Islands, Andretti Island are the never-ending list of islands one can go to in Lakshadweep.

Goa. how can one not mention going to Goa in the winters? Goa is open to all and welcomes everyone with open arms through out the whole year. But mostly in winters, it is swamped with a younger flock of tourists from around the country and the world because of Sunburn, the ever-lively music festival. But Goa is not only meant for youngsters but as mentioned earlier, there are many many other things to do in Goa apart from partying!

The righteous Feast of St. Francis Xavier happens in the month of December, which is so alluring, and spiritual that drives so many to book their tickets to Goa.

The Great Rann of Kutch. There are so many reasons we can give to enter the godforsaken grounds of the Rann of Kutch, one of them being the Rann Utsav which begins normally in the month of November and continues to go on till February. Four long months of folk music, dance, stargazing, exchange of various cultures as people from all over the world come to witness this festival.

Secondly, the night safaris are magnificent as one gets to see the moon shining on the sparkling white sand dunes. It is more ideal on a full moon night. Thirdly, living in a tent under a myriad of stars and a sparkling white moon, it is indeed a bit chilly but also very pleasant, is much more worthy and special than staying in a hotel.


Kohima, Nagaland. Many people don’t think of the North East probably as an ideal place for holidaying! But there are so many unexplored and great regions suitable for a perfect holiday like Kohima in Nagaland. The rich culture and vivid lifestyle out there, will definitely give anyone the chills. For example, the Hornbill festival, which happens in the month of December, is remarkable as traditional fold music; dance, arts and games are held for everyone. Moreover, food stalls, clothing stalls, handicraft stalls selling the traditional artifacts of the region are all set to allure anyone. To add some spice to this, how can we forget one of the Hornbill Festival’s priced possessions? The Hornbill National Rock Concert, which begins in the evening where bands from all over the country participate to perform, are just made for all those Melophiles who believe in the sound of music. What more do we need to visit this place? If it’s still not enough, then the Lively Night Bazaar is definitely going to work the charm.


Diverting one’s attention for good towards the top a bit, moving on from the warmer places to some colder places. There are many who enjoy trekking in the month of December. And there are also people who are tired of the scorching heat and would love to experience the chilly feels of holding snow in the December. So for all those trekking and winter fanatics, listed below are some of the best trekking sites which are also the best places to visit in December in India: –

Chadar Trek, Ladak. The name totally tones with the ambiance of this place as the entire path is covered with snow like a blanket, which is the original meaning of the word “Chadar” in Hindi. This trek connects the entire village of Zanskar Valley and is approximately 65 miles (105 km) in length. One can cover so many places through this trek like

Tilat Sumdo, Shrina Koma, Tibb, Nerak, Gyalpo, Dibyokma and Lingshed. The list and the path are too long but are also not ever ending; this trek is considered to be really difficult to cover but also worth the sweat and patience. An individual can apply for this trek and any other trek in India in websites like Thrillophilia and Trek the Himalayas!

Kedarkantha, Uttarakhand. The Kedarkantha trek is very popular among all the other winter treks in India. The place turns into a winter wonderland like in fairy tales, in the month of December. Who wouldn’t want to witness that? Every campsite is worthy of appreciation. Pitching tents in the vast meadows covered with long and giant pine trees is definitely a very enchanting experience. This trek is worth all the body pains one will get after covering the entire trek area but also the taste of it will last longer than one can ever imagine!


Dodital Winter Trek. For all those first timers, this is the best trek to go for! It is easier compared to all the other treks in India, but it is anyway difficult to walk in the giant slopes of blanketed snow in the winters. The trekking starts from Sangamchatti and passes through a dense forest, where the trekkers can view numerous birds flying towards the Himalayas. The trek ends at the beautiful and breathtaking Dodital Lake, which is also known as the Abode of Lord Ganesha. This trek is definitely meant for those who are in search of that life changing experience.


There are many places to go to in the winters in India. But listed above are in fact, the best places to visit in December in India. Some say, winters are the best time to stay indoors. But it is clearly not. Who wants to sip on coffee and watch TV for the entire winter vacation when our Motherland has so much to offer to us by her plethora of magnificent destinations, which fulfill every traveller’s dreams? May the winter holidays be fun, life changing and exciting!